July 01, 2009

The Wilco-Beserkely-Half Moon Bay Four-day-cation

Finally got a chance to drive up to Mom and Bill's new hood last weekend in Half Moon Bay. The new home isn't ready yet so we crammed into the rented beach house with them and the crazy dogs. First on the agenda was an all-day jaunt up to Berkeley to see Wilco (who were pretty damn good this time around). It was the 6th time Em and I have seen them and this show was easily in the top 2. (UPDATE: Great, great review of the Wilco show from a self-described Wilco lifer [been to 50 shows!] at Bandwagon). Also, here's a photographic diagram of our actual location during the concert:

We walked all over the UC campus before the show, so naturally the best thing to do was to do another hike up and down the beach in HMB the very next day. It was a great time, and we were spared the horrible inland heat thanks to the perpetually-socked-in HMB fog, but my calves were weak and out of shape and I'm still sunburned. Ah, June. Anyway, both Bill and I shot some photos in our own special "following our wives around" way, which I've compiled into this semi-Oceanarian-tastic post:

California cliffs seem pretty much the same, north or south.

Mom sure is happy to be living back on the coast again.

"...and we shall call it...um...'this land.'"

Mom claims her little corner of Half Moon Bay resembles South OC in the '60s, but to me it sure looked a lot like the quiet site of Isla Vista circa 1995.

We drove home on Highway 1, stopping in Santa Cruz before hitting 101 again, and then suddenly, the first month of summer was dead and gone—but at least it went out with some dignity.


  1. I love these photos. It makes me miss the years that my family would go to Cambria and Cayucos (that's what it looks like to me). And it makes me miss you and Emily. We're actually leaving today for a little city just north of Half Moon Bay called San Francisco.

  2. Wow, didn't you guys just got back from Washington? We're actually due to go to Seattle in July.

  3. Agreed -- these photos are awesome. I especially like the one where mom got caught by a wave and Emily is laughing at her.

    I need to figure out exactly when I can go visit too.

    And my summer has very little dignity so far, for the record. I've done some running along the beach, but other than that I haven't accomplished much. Damn job search.


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