September 25, 2009

Keir's Summer Yuppie Concert Series 2009

Nothing special for this one; just felt like posting other people's photos from the shows I saw this summer—Neko Case (Greek L.A., 6/12), Wilco (Greek Berkeley, 6/27), Jenny Lewis (Hollywood Bowl, 7/12), Elbow (Wiltern L.A., 7/22), and Built to Spill (Velvet Jones S.B., 8/22). Em went to the first four with me, Mom and Bill came to Wilco with us, and Bryn and I endured sloppy drunks for Built to Spill. Photos are in that order:

Being the good creative-class NPR yuppie that I am, naturally I dug every show. We were due to see Placebo rock out last weekend too, in L.A., but their singer decided he was too exhausted to tour the U.S. Maybe they'll be back. I hope so, for Emily's sake (she was not amused).

Photo credits: Neko Case by Andrew Youssef for Stereogum. Wilco's Jeff Tweedy by Hippies Are Dead. Jenny Lewis by Irfan Khan for the L.A. Times. Guy Garvey of Elbow by Youssef again, for Stereogum. Built to Spill by Paul Wellman (who actually photographed me once, too) for the S.B. Independent.


  1. I was old & grumpy at the Built to Spill show. Maybe I should have drunk more.

  2. i still can't find a setlist anywhere for that show either. I guess everyone else was too plastered to really pay attention.

    Seriously though—the reviews I've read around the web are vicious about the drunks. You weren't the only grumpy one about that dude.

  3. you should add the drunken photos too! :D I know the exist! At least I have a feeling they do. ;)

  4. Alas there are no drunken photos. Not of the crowd or us—we needed to stay relatively sober for the 30 minute freeway-drive home.

    It was actually a little weird seeing a band of BTS's stature playing at a venue like the VJ. Oh sure, we'd seen Pixies man Frank Black there in 2001, but usually the VJ is a place for local bands to play (though they never booked us!).

    "Big" bands usually play at SoHO, further up State St., but Bryn and I found that many things like that had changed since we'd moved away from Santa Barbara.

  5. Jenny Lewis is just so darn cute.


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