October 21, 2009

Be Careful Not to Touch the Wall

Yeah Bobby, cause there's a brand-new coat of paint going on over at ye olde My Band Rocks Dot Com. Mira:

The Honey White version of the site has actually looked like this for most of 2009, but I figured it was high time to re-vamp the rest of the bands' pages over there and effectively bring them into the year 2001 with some basic, gimpy CSS. Right now they look a little bare-bones, for sure—but the plan is to (relatively soon) integrate them with a relatively agile content management system like MODx.

Also, they're pretty dependent on social media tools for content right now. Those ugly little ShareThis! buttons are on every page, the HW news is piped in via FeedBurner's RSS thingy, all photos are in Flickr slideshows, HW and Low Tide have small YouTube pages, and as always every album is streaming in the XSPF Flash players from archive.org. But it's a start.

It's also the reason I haven't been blogging about stuff for a little while, for those impatient few who've been bugging me to post something. Like Bryn. More as it develops...


  1. Oooh, how exciting. I love website makeovers.

  2. Very nice! Great choices of photos too; they fit perfectly.


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