July 23, 2010

Major Metropolitan Area Horribly Debased by iPhone Camera

We spent the week in Seattle, and I couldn't be bothered to use a real camera. Oh well...


  1. Ah, the Ben Franklin quote. So, so excellent.

  2. It was at an "English" establishment called Elephant & Castle, below the Red Lion Hotel (where my conference was last year). Anglophilia reigned. Seriously - the men's room had Churchill on the door, and the women's, Thatcher. Yikes.

  3. Huh. Didn't realize that elephants were native to England.

    And seriously, Thatcher was the best English woman they could think of? That's pretty damn sad, considering how far back England's history goes. They could have put Boudicca on there, for crap's sake. Or Elizabeth. Or tons of others who were more important and (most importantly) cooler.


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