July 14, 2010

This Book is a Movie (Soundtrack)

As many of you know, I've been wrapping up a novel for...uh...several years now—and it's almost done. Really and truly. Anyway, I was so into it at one point that I even wrote and composed a soundtrack CD for it, mostly because I'm a raging egomaniac, but also because I'm not famous and don't know famous people and have no leverage on famous musicians and their music. I.e. music that I could have used for a super-hits soundtrack if my book ever became a movie.

Instead, I merely have Grooveshark—which means I can re-inflict the mid-1990s on all of you. Oh yes, I can get Jeff Buckley to back up a schizophrenic Spanglish nightmare scene, or the Jesus and Mary Chain to put music to a humid April morning in Chico. I can get PJ Harvey's voice for a love scene gone morbidly sideways, an Elliott Smith surf instrumental for late-afternoon zen hallucinations, or a thick and creamy Tortoise groove for a foggy night on campus at UCSB. I can get the Beastie Boys to bash out the funk for a head-butting soccer game, or Sea and Cake for some mellow drinking sessions in the freshman dorms.

I can even get an old Radiohead B-side to back up a night-driving Capo Beach scene, get Elastica to blare their car song out of a pickup's stereo, or land Morphine's treacherous saxophones for a quick beatdown scene, or snag Bjork for a surprise betrayal dialogue. I can unleash Kyuss for a brutal death scene, I can pour the Mermen's reverb all over a nostalgia scene, and get some classic Liz Phair to rescue one character from the depths of despair. Best of all, I can summon the Verve for a massive, epic revelation scene, and James' eerie Eno-isms for the closing credits.

I know people always make playlists and this isn't really that big of a deal. Except when I say it is. So it is. But my own stuff is an even bigger deal:

<a href="http://lowtide.bandcamp.com/album/the-weapon-of-young-gods">Calaveras Desagradables by Low Tide</a>


  1. Very nice. I like the idea of picking a specific time period and then coming up with a soundtrack (or playlist, for that matter) based on that. Perhaps I should fiddle around a bit with iTunes and do something similar.

  2. What do you think of my choices? Do they work for the scenes?

    And yes, these are rhetorical questions.

  3. Ha! You already know that they're excellent choices for those scenes.

    But yeah, they work well.

  4. That is an awesome soundtrack. Yep.

  5. Fraternally validated: Check.

    Canadianly validated: Check.



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