August 07, 2010

Slow Food on a Hot Stove: New Honey White Songs & More

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...and when I say "New" I mean "after 2005," or something like that. Also, many more new Adam songs than represented here in these quick snippets of 12 new (sort of) demo songs from 2006-2010. Some are future Honey White songs, some are not. Some are so new they don't have titles yet. They are:

This is one of Bryn's that was done just after Honey White finished our "How Far is the Fall" album in 2005. Bryn has a knack for writing further good songs even after recording is done—a habit that goes back to the Mojo Wire days. "Nightfall" made it into several HW shows in 2005 and 2006, and kicked off our "Deluge and Drought" live album, but to date has not been recorded in a studio.

The New Normal
Another one of Bryn's, of more recent vintage (2009 I think). Honey White had already hiatused by this time, of course, so Bryn brought it to the March and June rehearsals he and I did with Adam and Kevin in the Clap (or Contact Hangover, or Worst Birthday Ever, or whatever the hell the name is). Bryn cited the Black Keys as an influence on this tune, and Adam takes a swaggering solo in this clip.

This is a demo of Brian's that he made earlier this year while toiling away at that PhD in Washington DC. We've been trying to figure out the time signature for months and still don't have a clue. I think it's 17/4, but I'm not a real musician, so what the hell do I know? Anyway, I think it's my favorite Brian song ever, and did my best to add a (very) simple bass line to the demo he made.

Winner Take All
Bryn led Honey White through this rootsy jam in March 2005. I added lyrics and a wobbly demo vocal to it 2 years later. "Winner Take All" could go well in either band, I think, but we shall see where it works best.

Historical Friction
This one's all mine, done in April of this year, and based on a 20-second loop of Bill's electronic drum kit. The chords are based on the themes I used on the "Weapon of Young Gods" book soundtrack CD in 2008, which I figured was appropriate since the lyrics poke fun at the idea of "writing what you know."

(Adam's New Song)
I love this tune, and when Adam brought it to the March 2010 rehearsal I jumped at the chance to give it a lyric. I'd only had 2 verses done by the second rehearsal in June, but the band played it even better. Now it only needs a chorus…

Hold Still
Bryn first played me this tune in July 2004, and Honey White took a stab at it while we were in the San Francisco studio doing "How Far is the Fall," but I didn't finish the lyric until about September 2005. This snippet is from a demo I made off the studio jam, but Honey White's rehearsed it a few times, and it's probably another song that could fit well in either band.

Tempting Fate
Another one that's all mine, and that's worked really well in the Adam/Bryn/Keir/Kevin band. I finished it around Feb. 2007, and used some drum sample bits on the above-mentioned soundtrack CD, but (like some other songs) it didn't really work until Bryn rebuilt it from the ground up. This take is from the March 2010 rehearsal, with a deft little solo from Mr. Hill.

Another Brian demo, from (I think) 2005. This was also made with some drum samples from Bill, and is the first demo that I recall Brian singing on. Honey White tried it in our last rehearsal, in May 2007, but along with "Bubble" I think it would be a great addition to a future HW album.

Third Brian demo of this set, and the oldest one at that, from 2004 or 2005. It's an entirely self-contained track—with Brian on every instrument—and all it needs is a few vocal tracks over it and it could be done, but alas its master tracks were wiped when Brian's laptop took a shit and died.

Green Hills
Bryn wrote this song under sad circumstances in 2005, and Honey White began rehearsing it in about October of that year, I think. We got it to a point where it even made it into a show (8/4/06), and I really like my bass part, but Bryn thinks it still needs some work in the lyrics department. We shall see.

A solo piece of Bryn's that he recorded earlier this summer, in the style of the Mermen's Jim Thomas. I included it here because I think it's pretty and 12 is a nice round number.

Who knows if or when any of these will be recorded—and which band will record them!—but it's good to listen through all of them and know we've still got it.

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