January 18, 2011

I'm Ready For the Laughing Gas

My favorite album turns 20 this year. I know, I know—there are many superior albums out there, of course, but for better or worse "Achtung Baby" is still my favorite. So even though we're both two decades older, I intend to kick and scream my way through 2011, month by month, pretending to be 15 and pretty and dumb with a full head of hair, able to fit in black pleather pants. Because really, why shouldn't I be able to flip off the ravages of age for the sake of a collection that history has subsequently proven to be better than the band that made it? Let's begin at the beginning, shall we? January can spawn this little monster:

I'm ready for the laughing gas. I'm ready for what's next.


  1. You know how you know you're getting old? Your favourite albums gets older, bazing! Don't worry, this applies to me too.

  2. Part of what makes this album so great is how it feels better than the sum of its parts -- sure, The Fly, One, Ultraviolet, Acrobat, etc. are great songs. But taken as *an album* this one is my favorite too.

    It has subsequently been my yardstick to which I compare other albums, actually. 12 songs / ~45 minutes has felt like a good length ever since, and the sequencing (how the tone rises at the start, how it ends with three increasingly dark songs, and so on) is something I've emulated myself.

  3. @Krista - You gotta cite which albums when you say things like that. But yeah, it's already happened with some of my favorite childhood albums from the '80s, of course. What's super-weird is that some of my OWN songs are almost 15 years old.

    @Bryn - Agreed, sequencing is the big lesson from this one for me as well. It may have been one of the last albums that truly had two sides, you know? Both sides have beginnings and ends. Both have their own arcs of energy/crush/release/resolution.


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