February 04, 2011

Sliding Down the Surface of Things

OK, so more silly U2 stuff because my favorite album is now 20 years old. This month's shlockbuster is track 2, "Even Better than the Real Thing."

I thought I might have some personal observations about this one, but it's a bleary Friday night and I really don't have the time or patience to expand upon either my dashed megalomaniacal hopes at the terribly tasteless, Spiedel-helmed high school Air Guitar in 1992, or my gloriously awesome ten-gallon mirror-ball splattered acrophobia on a Vegas-themed Homecoming float in 1993.

So here's 3 versions of "Real Thing," beginning with one of my favorites, an early 1991 bootleg demo of U2 playing the song as twangy surf instrumental:

…to the album/single/MTV version:

…and then a live version from Zoo TV Manchester, 1992—"some more bullshit, but a different kinda bullshit," sez Yer Man:

Yeah, and we've got TEN MORE MONTHS of this cheap refried blarney. Buckle up sports fans.

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