March 13, 2011

Boring Bono Berlin Buffalo Burnout Blues

Well, 2011 sure has been a terrible year for the old DV blog. Work, band, sloth, tsunami warnings, etc. are all valid reasons, but I think that silly things like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and my iPhone are contributing factors too. Enough about that, though—no one cares about how little I post—so let's talk about much less important things:

Point #1: U2's "One" is a great song, mostly because it steals from other great songs in history ("Stand By Me" and "Every Breath You Take" immediately come to mind). However, like those and other great songs in history, "One" has been so completely diluted and overplayed—so much so in the past 20 years that I haven't really been looking forward to making this month's entry in my "12 Months of Achtung Baby" silliness. Thankfully, Nicole Belle at C&L was nice enough to do that for me. Sort of. Now I can run off to find more PJ Harvey pictures with a clean conscience. Thanks Nicole.

Point#2 (Pathetigeek Observation): Whomever posted that U2 video on YouTube is an idiot. It's actually the Phil Joanou version, not the Anton Corbijn version. Corbijn's video was the great sepia-tone Berlin video with the band in drag (which apparently isn't anywhere on YouTube). But whatever; the video's two decades old anyway. It's so cripplingly embarrassing to be a U2 fan these days.

Point #3: Hey, Ben Franklin, you know where to stick your wretched "daylight savings time" idea.

Point #4: HOLY SHIT OMG UCSB IS IN THE BIG DANCE! If the current student body didn't throw tortillas, they better go buy some NOW.

Point #5 (I don't think I'll get tired of saying this): I can still create award-winning print & web marketing materials.

Point #6: 2011 has, however, been an awesome year for music so far—and I'm not even talking about the further adventures of my own bands Honey White and Radblaster. No, I mean the new PJ Harvey, Elbow, Radiohead, David Lowery, and British Sea Power albums (and upcoming TV on the Radio & Explosions in the Sky albums). Too lazy to link them all, but take my word for it—they're all great listens.

Point #7: That reminds me—I've wanted to turn the DV into a bit of a 300 Songs-like blog for some time now. For me it would only be about 30 songs, of course, but I'm totally burned out on gonzo political stuff. Four years of that crap will knock anyone on their ass—so I've chosen Rock instead. Stay tuned.

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