April 30, 2011

Where Would We Be Without Judas?

You know the drill:

Zoo TV (Sydney, 1993):

PopMart (Santiago, 1998):

Elevation (Slane, 2001):

Vertigo (Chicago, 2005):

360 (Los Angeles, 2009):

They've played this one on every tour for the past 20 years for a reason. It rocks.


  1. I'm not sure why they use the intro playback still, though. The song doesn't need it, and if they want an interesting introduction they are totally capable of thinking up a new one.

    Oh well. The song does still rock.

  2. Could be a trigger or a cue for the in-ear monitors they all wear. Many of the songs have some kind of cue like that, especially on the past 2 tours—Streets, Bad, the Fly, Zoo Station—usually a soft percussion sound like a maraca or something that Larry can use as a metronome, but that doesn't sound as boring as a metronome.

    It's also a nice cue for fans to go apeshit because they know they're about to get rocked. :)

  3. Those are both valid points.


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