July 16, 2011

There's a Lot of Things if I Could I'd Rearrange

So this month's gratuitous U2 post is supposed to be about "The Fly," Track 7 from "Achtung Baby," but…I just can't bring myself to get worked up about it right now—despite the fact that it's my favorite song of theirs (and one of my favorite songs, period).

Studio version

Now, I have my reasons for today's particularly bitter and nasty onset of sloth, but they're all totally lame—so I'll just put it down to the fact that the 360 show that I'd considered going to (and ultimately didn't go) last month was the one where the band debuted "The Fly" on this particular tour, in all its Kraut-rocking glory:

It was building up to this appearance later in June at the UK's Glastonbury festival:

They've played it a bazillion times before, of course—it was a regular feature of 3 of the previous 4 tours since its release in 1991:

Zoo TV - Sydney 1993

Elevation - Boston 2001 (a weird, transposed-to-A minor-ambient version)

Vertigo - Chicago 2005 (and no, I don't know what's up with Bono's dumb hat)

My usual cure for bad moods is Loud Rock Music. U2 doesn't do too much of that—they're sort of like the world's loudest folk band, for better or worse—but when they do lighten up they can get big, dumb, and crazy with the best of 'em.

When I was 15 I didn't really know or care about U2 until I heard "The Fly" on 95.5 KLOS, on Uncle Joe Bensen's show. He was premiering the band's new single way, way ahead of the album's November release. The lyrics aren't Bono's best, but that doesn't matter much considering the guitar solo is one of Edge's best. I wrote more about this song here, back in my second wave of U2 geekdom a decade ago.

Jesus, I'd better start writing about my own stuff again, or else this blog will end up all-U2-all-the-time, and nobody wants to see that. Sorry gang. Look at it this way: the U2 album stuff is now over halfway done.

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