December 10, 2011

Recent Road Trip Radio, Pt. 1

I get caught up in all kinds of goofy graphic design dead-ends. Might as well go public with 'em. This project is something I thought of based on last week's post about my favorite albums of 2011.

I don't think I've ever experienced a piece of music fit so perfectly with a location. I imagine this album would fit with umpteen million roads around the country, but this is what it makes me think of: west Ventura County highways in late summer.

Back in April I decided to avoid the 101 when driving down to my brother's in Orange County. This album was the perfect soundtrack for the stretch of PCH from Oxnard to Santa Monica, through Malibu.

Em and I listened to Neko do her thing while we took a long detour back from a Santa Barbara day trip. The 150 goes from Carpinteria through Ojai to Santa Paula.

Radiohead's latest was a great soundtrack to my midnight drive back from a birthday party in Ojai this fall. Not a lot of lights on that road until it gets to West Ventura.

Spoon on the Mesa in S.B. I was at SBCC for a client meeting and "Finer Feelings" came on the iPod. Very vivid memory of a very transitory event.

Maybe it's a cheap shot to hitch this one onto the south Orange County toll road, but it fits in more ways than one. Especially driving at night up and down the deserted San Joaquin hills when you're the only car on the road.

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