May 31, 2012

Serious Answers to Serious Questions, Part LMCXXVIII

Answered a Very Serious Question today, posed by Martin Longman (the one and only BooMan): "What was the best summer of your life so far, and what did you do?"

Probably 1997. I was 20 and halfway through UCSB and had just spent the previous spring quarter stoned and depressed after a bad breakup (and despite living in Isla Vista with a minimal class load!). My brother and his friends had just finished high school, so when I came home to Orange County for the summer (for the last time) I got to be the cool elder sibling who allegedly knew all about parties and girls and bands. I played bass in a retro-blues-surf '60s band with my brother and his friends, too‚Äîwe were terrible but it was so much fun. My mother remarried that summer and it was great‚Äîeverything that my father's second wedding was not (two years prior).  
Another friend and I worked as a cashiers at the local community college bookstore, and I became infatuated with the Colombian girl two years my elder who was our supervisor. For rush week at the beginning of the semester in August my friends and I would work from noon until 8pm, go home to change, go back out to party by 10, stay awake until 2, and then sleep in til 10 am the next morning before doing it all over again. We drove down to Rosarito with the Colombian girl and she drank us all under the table. At the end of summer when my temp job was over she kissed me in the bookstore parking lot. 
My big albums at the time were "Being There" by Wilco, "OK Computer" by Radiohead, "All This Useless Beauty" by Elvis Costello, "Peace Beyond Passion" by Meshell Ndegeocello, and "Like Swimming" by Morphine. I was re-reading all of Hunter Thompson's books up to that point, and felt immortal. I had all my hair and was young, pretty, and stupid. It was glorious.
Photo: the Mojo Wire as a wedding band, 8/22/97.

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